[rancid] Sweet: new open source router/device config monitoring tool - inspired by RANCID

Trnet R. Hein trent at appliedtrust.com
Mon Aug 25 20:35:08 UTC 2014


For years, we've utilized RANCID, and found it to be invaluable.  It's 
been our watchful eye, and our savior, many times.  It is with great 
respect for and inspiration by RANCID that we've written a similar open 
source tool, in the Go programming language and using git as its native 

A few highlights:

+ Stores device configs in Git
+ Simple configuration file
+ Single binary - only runtime dependency is Git
+ Email notifications
+ Built-in web status dashboard
+ Embedded Cisco IOS/ASA support
+ Supports external collection scripts (such as clogin, jlogin, etc.)
+ Currently supports Linux and OSX

Check it out at http://gosweet.org

We hope this tool will be as useful to you as RANCID has been to us.



Trent R. Hein -- http://appliedtrust.com/trent
AppliedTrust - http://appliedtrust.com - 303.245.4524

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