[rancid] Foundry/Brocade addition - show media

Josten, Michael Michael.Josten at hs-niederrhein.de
Tue Dec 9 11:43:01 UTC 2014

I checked the command on an icx 6610 device with fw version 8 and it exists.
On a fcx switch with firmware version 7.2 it doesn't exist. Neither is this command
available on fw version 7.4. I also checked an ICX7750 device with fw version 8 and the
command is available. It is most likely that this command isn't available in firmware version
below v.8

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Hello Chris

> This adds `show media` and `show media validation` to 'francid' which 
> will give useful information about which optics are installed in a 
> device. Tested on a Brocade ICX 6650 and Brocade CER 2024.
>     http://falz.net/static/francid-media.diff

I like the idea of keeping track of optics. But what output should "show media validation" produce? I tried this on a bunch of devicetypes
(rx/icx/fcx/fesx/mlxe/xmr) and none of them support that command.

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