[rancid] Cisco 2500

Ryan Woerth ryan.woerth at sonicfoundry.com
Thu Dec 11 22:22:43 UTC 2014

Working with Rancid 2.3.6-2 on Ubuntu 12.04.5 and trying to back up a Cisco Wireless Controller running I have wlogin and ciscowlc5 in the bin directory. I've added  'cisco-wlc' => 'ciscowlc' and 'cisco-wlc5' => 'ciscowlc5' as suggested in another thread here. Also, my .cloginrc is:

add user device    name
add autoenable device 1
add password device  pwd pwd

Yes when I run it, it still tries to send the enable command after it's logged in.

Any ideas?


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