[rancid] Trouble grabbing configs from a Foundry FesX

Scott Baker bakers at canbytel.com
Wed Jul 2 20:55:33 UTC 2014

On 07/02/2014 01:40 PM, Alan McKinnon wrote:
> I don't have any Foundry kit, but for the benefit of all, why would
> clogin work for the OP but flogin not work?

flogin does work with telnet, but it's REALLY slow. It times out if I
try and use SSH. Just to login and get to an enable prompt seems to take
about 20 seconds.

# Clogin
time /usr/libexec/rancid/clogin -c "show chassis;" foundry-needy.domain.com
7.7 seconds

# flogin
time /usr/libexec/rancid/flogin -c "show chassis;" foundry-needy.domain.com
43.2 seconds!!!

Both using (what I think is) the same ~/.cloginrc

Scott Baker - Canby Telcom 
Senior System Administrator - RHCE

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