[rancid] Trouble grabbing configs from a Foundry FesX

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Thu Jul 3 21:22:28 UTC 2014

Thu, Jul 03, 2014 at 10:05:57PM +0100, Jethro R Binks:
> All that may or may not be a valid view :), but doesn't have anything to 
> do with the problem, which is that the same hardware is faster using 
> clogin than flogin.

you may have missed that clogin actually doesnt work for him per-se.  term
length 0 on the box he has does not work, so it skips that altogether and
the pager will appear in the longer command output.  but ...

>  The reason appears to be simply that flogin uses a 
> lot more "send -h" for human-ish speed tping than clogin (now?) does.  
> Historic reason?

you may be onto something there, but i doubt it'd amount to much.  it
just affects sends, which is limited and the timeout is on reads.  his
box may just be slow.

I do not recall why -h was used more heavily in flogin.

> Experimentally, I modified my local flogin (which is roughly similar to 
> that from v2.3.8) to remove all instances of -h, except where they match 
> with those in clogin (around "exit" and "quit" it seems).  We'll see 
> tomorrow if that breaks any of my (varied antiquity Foundry/Brocade) kit, 
> but testing randomly seems OK.
> Scott, maybe you'd like to try the same and see how you get on (remove the 
> "-h" and "-h --" parts where you find them in flogin).

do not remove the --'s, that has nothing to do with -h.

> Actually John, while we're at it, while looking at my flogin I found I'd 
> made this addition in run_comands, which perhaps you'd like to add:
>     ...
>     send "skip-page-display\r"
>     expect -re "$prompt" {}

would you rework that to only send term length 0 if skip-page fails?

>     # If logging in as an unpriv user (i.e., level 5 read-only), then
>     # "skip-page-display" isn't available, unless you also configure:
>     # privilege exec level 5 skip-page-display
>     #
>     # On some platforms, like the MLX, you can work around that
>     # with this:
>     send "terminal length 0\r"
>     expect -re "$prompt" {}
>     set commands [split $command \;]
>     ...
> Jethro.
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