[rancid] Trouble grabbing configs from a Foundry FesX

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Thu Jul 3 21:34:16 UTC 2014

Thu, Jul 03, 2014 at 02:30:32PM -0700, Scott Baker:
> On 07/03/2014 02:22 PM, heasley wrote:
> > you may have missed that clogin actually doesnt work for him per-se.  term
> > length 0 on the box he has does not work, so it skips that altogether and
> > the pager will appear in the longer command output.  but ...
> terminal length 0
> DOES work on Foundry boxes. The ones I have at least.

it didnt in the transcript that you sent.  so your box must also have it
or not based on privilege level.

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