[rancid] clogin: not found

Alan McKinnon alan.mckinnon at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 23:49:35 UTC 2014

On 06/06/2014 15:40, Manfred Mayer IT wrote:
> Hi all,
> I try to migrate my existing rancid-2.3.8 installation to a new host with Ubuntu 12.04. I downloaded ftp://ftp.shrubbery.net/pub/rancid/rancid-2.3.8.tar.gz and installed it to /usr/local/rancid. I copied the .cloginrc and rancid.conf to the new host and wanted to test with a new router.db first, containing only 6 HP Procurve switches (switchname:hp:up). I can login successfully to each switch with "bin/clogin switchname" and I also tried "bin/hlogin -f .cloginrc -c "show version" switchname" which gives me a "no page" output first, but then the version and a completed logout.
> But executing "bin/rancid switchname" results in the following:
> sh: 1: clogin: not found
> switchname: missed cmd(s): dir /all slavedisk2:,show rsp chassis-info,show capture,dir /all sec-slot2:,show diag,dir:
> switchname: End of run not found
> !
> I found this existing thread http://www.shrubbery.net/pipermail/rancid-discuss/2008-November/003404.html but however I don't know what to do exactly to solve the problem.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated

You probably do not have /usr/local/bin in your PATH when that command
is run.
The rancid devs (in common with the majority of software out there)
assume that since PATH is completely user-selectable, that you know how
to set and use it, so doesn't bother much with documenting it.

Please log in as the rancid user and post theoutput of:

which clogin
echo $PATH

Alan McKinnon
alan.mckinnon at gmail.com

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