[rancid] Cisco APs and RANCID 3.1 => traffic counters in output

Howard Jones howie at thingy.com
Tue Jun 17 14:25:51 UTC 2014

I've just upgraded from 2.8.x to 3.1, and it's nice that I don't get 
hourly updates on files on our ASRs anymore. However, what I get now 
instead is byte counters per-VLAN from our Cisco WAPs :-)

- !VLAN:21689 packets, 8176753 bytes output

- !VLAN:Other0173501

- !VLAN:25937 packets, 10671062 bytes input

- !VLAN:151812 packets, 11928977 bytes output

+ !VLAN:22023 packets, 8302671 bytes output

+ !VLAN:Other 0176177

+ !VLAN:26337 packets, 10835508 bytes input

+ !VLAN:154154 packets, 12113161 bytes output

Before I dig in to fix it, has anyone already done that?



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