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Maxime Baudin maxime.baudin at ac-rennes.fr
Mon Mar 3 15:59:39 UTC 2014

Le 30/01/2014 17:38, AJ Schroeder a écrit :
> Hello list,
> I finally got the Nortel switches in my environment backing up 
> properly with RANCID. I made separate scripts for the baystack and ERS 
> switches in our environment. As I was googling around I know that 
> adding support for these switches has been discussed in the past but I 
> never saw an answer. Would the devs of RANCID be interested in adding 
> support for these Nortel devices?

Hi again.

I've tested the "nortel" side of your scripts and it works very well !!
thanks a lot.

Here is the list of tested hardware :

* Avaya 4548 (POE and non-POE) Software version = v5.6.1.053

* Avaya 5510/5530 : Software version = v6.2.5.027 and Software version = 

* Avaya 5650 : Software version = v6.2.5.027

4548 needs : 'banner disabled' command
5xxx needs : 'banner disabled' and 'cmd-interface cli' commands

I've noticed two issues :

1/ As you mentionned, there is a "logout" in the config file
2/ the nortellogin script tries to log in 2 or 3 times in the same 
connection, I didn't find out why.

I'll try to find out for the 2 issues.

Hope the scripts will be added in future version of rancid.

best regards,

Maxime Baudin - Rectorat de Rennes
SERIA-R, 8 rue Jean-Julien Lemordant - 35000 Rennes
Tel : 02 23 42 16 88  Fax : 16 60
E-mail :Maxime.Baudin(at)ac-rennes.fr

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