[rancid] Multiple devices, multiple ports, one hostname

Alan McKinnon alan.mckinnon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 06:02:23 UTC 2014

On 28/03/2014 04:00, Jeremy Visser wrote:
> I have a number of branch locations, each with a single public IPv4 address, and am given a corresponding DNS name (siteXX.customer.com).
> TCP port 22 is the SSH interface to the branch router, and TCP port 222 is NAPT-forwarded to a phone system sitting behind the router.
> Currently the router is being tracked by RANCID, but I would like to track the phone system too.  But I fail to see how I could do that, given they would end up having the same hostname.
> Any suggestions?

Add a customized entry to DNS for the phone system, perhaps something
along the lines of siteXX.YY.customer.com where YY is a suitable
decorator for the phone system.

If you can't change DNS then you could use the local /etc/hosts file.
Ugly, but works

Alan McKinnon
alan.mckinnon at gmail.com

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