[rancid] Cisco Banner Issue

Alex DEKKER rancid at ale.cx
Mon Mar 31 20:34:33 UTC 2014

On 31/03/14 04:57, heasley wrote:
> develop a process to wait to see if
> anything follows the # or >, which has its own set of pitfalls.

I [sitting in my armchair, not being the developer] think this idea has 
some mileage. Would it be unreasonable to wait n seconds after a # to 
determine that it's a prompt? Obviously if you do this then you'd have 
to add a knob to tweak for those who are taking backups over satellite 
links &c.

Perhaps you could be a bit cleverer - if a router is delivering 20 
lines/sec of output, then you'll know within 0.5sec if it's finished, 
although some seem to always be slow when delivering certain sections of 
config. Pitfalls indeed!


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