[rancid] (no subject) and Re: System Up Time & Dell

Howard Jones howie at thingy.com
Fri May 2 08:10:28 UTC 2014

On 01/05/2014 21:21, Alex DEKKER wrote:
> I wonder, given the sheer number of threads discussing the topic of 
> cycling/incrementing output in RANCID emails, might some mechanism for 
> either a) automatically detecting cycling/incrementing output or b) 
> making it easier to get RANCID to ignore it be a worthy target for 
> development?
With RANCID 3, adding an additional config type (e.g. 'ignore') to 
rancid.types.conf to implement (b) should make the effort a bit more 
central for the vendor types that use that file (anything with more than 
a 'script' line, as far as I can see).

Even a document describing the data and control flow through the various 
components of RANCID would make it easier for someone to help themselves 
though. For example, it wasn't clear to me for a while that actually, 
the *rancid script doesn't really interact with the device at all - just 
squirts a canned list of commands, and then tries to make sense of all 
the output afterwards.


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