[rancid] Cienna / Lightning Edge

Alan McKinnon alan.mckinnon at gmail.com
Thu May 15 16:58:58 UTC 2014

On 15/05/2014 18:03, Daniel Schmidt wrote:
> Now, looky here folks:
> https://code.google.com/p/vdxrancid/source/browse/trunk/rancid-fe?r=2
> Look at them' rancid types 'thar' - 'cienarancid'.  This seems to imply
> that one "Nick Buraglio" has written, or at least was working on, Ciena
> support.  

Wow, you're miles ahead of me in this game. I'm still trying to figure
out what a Ciena even *is*

All I've got so far is "stuff what we don't use here where I work"


Alan McKinnon
alan.mckinnon at gmail.com

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