[rancid] HP switches

Per-Olof Olsson peo at chalmers.se
Sat May 24 05:05:46 UTC 2014

Munroe Sollog skrev 2014-05-22 16:29:
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> I'm investigating rancid as a way to reliably download configs from HP switches.  Below I have
> included my .cloginrc file as well as the output from hlogin.  It seems to log in successfully,
> however it never executes the command.  Any help would be appreciated
> .cloginrc
> - ---------------------
> add password * password
> add user * user
> $ /usr/local/rancid/bin/hlogin -d -noenable -c "y;show version"

Yes, looks like login working but you have to use "-autoenable" instead of -noenable
or set "add autoenable <hostname|ip|*> 1" in your .cloginrc

-noenable only useful if you login and stay at operator level.
HP switches, and some other devices that login directly to manager level, need to have autoenable on.

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