[rancid] eliminating noise

Robert Drake rdrake at direcpath.com
Thu Nov 20 21:30:49 UTC 2014

On 11/19/2014 7:21 PM, Jake Secrist wrote:
> I had thought about this a while back but never did anything with it.
> I think you would either have to go back over the previous saved 
> version of the config and compare the desired values.  Then maybe show 
> the line as something like:
> ! External Temperature............................. +28 C (+/- 10 C)
> OR - pull out the values and store them in a file to be compared to 
> the next RANCID run.
> The problem is where to define the starting point.  I think using the 
> value from the first RANCID a run would work well.  Then all future 
> runs would be compared with that value.  If a future RANCID run finds 
> a value that is not within the 'variance' then the new value would 
> become the 'default' value and subsequent RANCID runs would compare to 
> the new value.  And so on.
> I will try some things and get back to you.
Another alternative is to use some of the tools from rancid to poll for 
just these values.  par and clogin can be used independently to grab 
variables from everywhere, and because you aren't doing a full rancid 
run you can decrease the time between collections to 5-10 minutes.

Then you write a simple script to do the comparison and send email if 
the threshold triggers.

I still recommend doing this with a true NMS, and polling the values 
with SNMP.  Logging into the router has some unneeded overhead, and 
rolling your own script could be buggy and hard to maintain when you 
could have something dedicated to doing this that is maintained by others.
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