[rancid] cisco-xr ASR9K and numbered ACL's

Jos buoy at clear.net.nz
Tue Oct 14 23:33:37 UTC 2014


Am new to this list and hoping someone can help me with a problem please
that I can’t figure out yet or find an earlier posting and solution for.
We are running the latest rancid version 3.1 on a centos vm and collecting
a bunch of cisco configs, all is good except for our iosxr ASR9K’s and
numbered ACL’s. 
Rancid seems to strip out part of the lines as below:

Real config:
ipv4 access-list no-rfc1918

 10 remark Deny traffic to RFC 1918
20 deny ipv4 any
 30 deny ipv4 any
 40 deny ipv4 any
 50 deny ipv4 any
 60 deny ipv4 any
 70 deny ipv4 any
 80 permit ipv4 any any

Rancid collected config:
ipv4 access-list no-rfc1918
 remark Deny traffic to RFC 1918
 deny ipv4 any
 deny ipv4 any 10
 deny ipv4 any
 deny ipv4 any 172
 deny ipv4 any
 deny ipv4 any 192
 permit ipv4 any any

A minor problem where the ACL is obvious as above, but this is the
Can someone suggest a good fix or workaround for this please (preferably
without changing the ASR9K config), I trust it affects others with this
sort of config?
I can see earlier posts mention xrrancid but can’t find that in our 3.1


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