[rancid] New Install with OPENNMS

Todd Heide workwithcisco at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 8 21:03:44 UTC 2015

Woot, I finally remembered what it was, rcs tools were missing. a little tweaking of the viewvc.conf and installing RCS and its working. Also Rancid is running now without issues(at least the ones I posted about). Will see soon if it actually starts backing up devices. 

First time I set this up since 2007. 
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Wed, Apr 08, 2015 at 07:07:22PM +0000, Todd Heide:
> Trying to finalize the install, and when I do rancid-run to load the configs, all I see in the files are these.
> $ tail var/logs/routers.20150408.135550
> starting: Wed Apr 8 13:55:50 CDT 2015
> ./bin/rancid-run: 206: ./bin/rancid-run: /usr/local/bin/rancid-trap: not found
> ./bin/rancid-run: 213: ./bin/rancid-run: /usr/local/bin/rancid-trap: not found

that is not part of rancid.  ask opennms.

> ending: Wed Apr 8 13:55:50 CDT 2015
> How do I fix this?  It is running on Wheezy, and when I try whereis rancid-trap, all I get is rancid-trap: with no paths.  I even tried adding it to path$ echo $PATH
> /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid-trap:/usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid-run

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