[rancid] "End of run not found" when running with a DLink switch

Roberto Greiner roberto at nead.unesp.br
Thu Apr 30 17:54:25 UTC 2015


I'm trying to set rancid to read the configuration for a D-Link DGS-3420
switch, but I'm hitting on an error where rancid fails to get the switch
configurations with an "End of run not found" message.

I'm running rancid 3.2 in a Debian 7 box, with cvsweb for reading the
cvs. Rancid is working properly, as I'm getting the all the configs for
some 3Com switches (3Com 4500 and 3Com 4800).

I added the following line do router.db:

Running "rancid -t dell -C dlink-poe-datacenter1.<mydomain>" I get the
following output:
dllogin -t 300 -c 'show switch;show config current_config'

Running "time dllogin -t 300 -c 'show switch;show config current_config'
dlink-poe-datacenter1.<mydomain>" (notice 'time' at the beginning), I
get all the configs for the switch, and a running time of ~19 seconds.
So, the switch is answering and sending all the config quickly,
indicating also that there is no timeout problem.

Running "rancid -t dell -d dlink-poe-datacenter1.<mydomain>", returns
the following output (also after ~19 seconds):
HIT COMMAND:DGS-3420-28PC:admin#show switch
    In GetSystem: DGS-3420-28PC:admin#show switch
HIT COMMAND:DGS-3420-28PC:admin#show config current_config
    In GetConf: DGS-3420-28PC:admin#show config current_config
dlink-poe-datacenter1.<mydomain>: End of run not found
dlink-poe-datacenter1.<mydomain>: End of run not found

I've used  'NOPIPE=yes;export NOPIPE' to generate the output from the
switch, and rancid does indeed read everything from the dlink switch.
The .raw file ends with the following:
DGS-3420-28PC:admin#logoutConnection to dlink-poe-datacenter1.<mydomain>
closed by remote host.
Connection to dlink-poe-datacenter1.<mydomain> closed.

My .cloginrc has the following entries:
add cyphertype *               
add method * ssh
add user dlink* admin
add password dlink* <somepassword>
add autoenable dlink*   1

Could somebody help me out? I don't know what else I should do.  I think
it' probably some simple setting, but I don't know what else is missing.

Thank you,

Roberto Greiner

                Marcos Roberto Greiner

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