[rancid] An issue with bin/clogin

Jonathan Lucas jon.s.lucas at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 15:00:08 UTC 2015

Hello Everyone,
    I am having an issue with rancid (3.1) failing to log in using the
clogin script.  As far as I know, the configs are all properly set up,
insofar as I received no errors until I ran bin/clogin.  I am using CentOS
6.6 as my base OS.  So far, I have tried creating a fresh test user on the
device and I have verified that the password works when using a straight
telnet or ssh session.  It is only when attempting to connect via the
clogin script that I see it fail on the password prompt.  Please let me
know what other information I can provide, i.e. version numbers, steps
already taken, etc.

- - Jon
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