[rancid] Error with 10 character prompts

Michael Newton mnewton at pofp.com
Sat Feb 28 00:18:17 UTC 2015

I’ve come across a bit of an odd problem in clogin, I believe it shows up 
with prompts that are ten characters long, and the tenth character would 
need escaping if it were put in a regex.

I modified clogin to show me what it was building for a prompt and this is 
what I saw:

(ThisLong) #
reprompt is \(ThisLong\([^#>\r\n]+)?[#>](\([^)\r\n]+\))?

(ThisIsLonger) #
reprompt is \(ThisIsLon([^#>\r\n]+)?[#>](\([^)\r\n]+\))?

Notice on the shorter prompt, the parenthesis in the regex ends up being 
escaped, I suspect because the prompt is being escaped and then trimmed. 
The problem code is right near the top of run_commands().


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