[rancid] vyatta/vyos

James Andrewartha jandrewartha at ccgs.wa.edu.au
Mon Jan 5 02:28:12 UTC 2015

On 28/12/14 10:30, Antonio Querubin wrote:
> I've cobbled together support for VyOS from some previous efforts by 
> various people for Vyatta (see the git log).  I'm assuming VyOS is still 
> close enough to Vyatta so that this should continue to work for Vyatta as 
> well.  I don't have access to real Vyatta routers so I'd appreciate any 
> feedback from those that do.

I took a different approach for my VyOS (well, Ubiquiti EdgeOS) routers.
I use the in-built configuration backup to copy the configuration to the
rancid host:

set system config-management commit-archive location

I also made a few changes to /opt/vyatta/sbin/vyatta-commit-push.pl,
changing it to use the commands form of configuration (note also the
change from showCfg to showConfig):

my $cmd = 'cli-shell-api showConfig --show-active-only --show-commands';

and changing the save filename:

    #my $cmd = "curl -s -T $tmp_push_file $uri/$save_file";
    my $cmd = "curl -s -T $tmp_push_file $uri";

Then my vyosrancid file is just:

# Just copy the existing file to .new
use File::Copy qw(copy);

my $host = $ARGV[0];

copy $host, $host . ".new";


Obviously this isn't for everyone, being a push rather than pull setup,
but it does the job for me.

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