[rancid] .cloginrc "master" password

James Andrewartha jandrewartha at ccgs.wa.edu.au
Wed Jan 21 08:11:57 UTC 2015

Hi Tobias,

On 20/01/15 16:52, Tobias Brodersen wrote:
> now my problem is, the way that i authenticate through the switches, is
> via the clogin -f command, where the guide i found on ubuntu tells me,
> that i have to add username, password, method for all the devices that i
> want to connect to. Can i get around that? so that all devies will use a
> "master" username, password n method for all.. because i have a list of
> 2500 switches, and it will take more time, adding specifik login methods
> for all, than updating all switches manually.

In your .cloginrc, you can have wildcards. Eg:
add user *              admin
add userpassword *      xxxxxxx
add method * ssh
add autoenable voip*.network.example.com     1


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