[rancid] Cisco Small Business and Rancid 3.2

Gerhard Mourani gmourani at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 20:22:33 UTC 2015

Hello List,

I’ve a problem to make Rancid 3.2 work with Cisco Small Business. I’ve started to use scripts available at this link -> http://www.itnotes.eu/?p=407

1) I’ve started to add the following lines into the /etc/rancid.types.conf file.


2) Then added cisco-sb inside my /etc/rancid.conf file.

3) Created the /var/lib/rancid/cisco-sb directory with all required files by running the ‘rancid-cvs’ command.

4) And finally executing as rancid user the > rancid-run cisco-sb command.

Here is my error reported inside rancid log file.

exec(csbrancid) failed router manufacturer cisco-sb: No such file or directory

Someone know what to do to fix this with Rancid 3.2 ?


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