[rancid] How to completely delete a device

Андрей Фомин bosk802 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 15:32:59 UTC 2015

I'm very new to RANCID, CVS, SVN, etc... I've got a linux-server and a
rancid-service on it (actually it's a user with a crontab entry) to
retrieve config-changes from a ~60 Cisco devices.

Already deleted an ip address from router.db, but CVS-webpage still show
this device (especially when i hit 'show 5 dead files'). So, what else
should i do to completely remove this device?

I tried 'find /usr/local/rancid' -name '$ip-address-of-the-deleted-device'
and this shows nothing. On the other hand, i run 'grep -nR
'$ip-address-of-the-deleted-device' /usr/local/rancid/' and receive some
info that was found mainly in 2 files:


It's very hard to remove line by line from this files, that are concerning
my deleted device. Is there any way to completely remove a device?

There are plenty of topics how to delete a group. I'm not sure what a group
is - i guess it's a collection of all the devices (in my case - 60 Cisco
routers and switches). I don't need to delete a whole group - only a device
within this group.

PS: maybe anyone can give me brief description... what are files with the
'...,v' for?

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