[rancid] Script help / pointers

AJ Schroeder AJ.Schroeder at directsupply.com
Tue Nov 3 16:37:28 UTC 2015

Hello list,

A while ago I hacked together a couple of scripts to get some Nortel and Avaya devices backing up. I basically copied some of the existing scripts to make things work, however the issue is that they "just work". We are going to be supporting these devices for the foreseeable future so I'd like to improve the scripts from their current form.

Specifically, I am having a hard time processing the logouts properly because I am not sure what the scripts are looking for to say "I'm done with show run, continue on". I have gotten things to work by just adding a logout command to the run_commands sub in the nortellogin, but I feel this is not the most graceful way of exiting. I believe not being able to process things is causing backups to take longer than it should.

The scripts are located here:


If anyone has time to help or critique it would be greatly appreciated.


AJ Schroeder
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