[rancid] Can clogin prompt for a password?

Jean Benoit jean at unistra.fr
Thu Aug 4 16:29:15 UTC 2016

On Thu, Aug 04, 2016 at 10:35:11AM -0500, Brandon Ewing wrote:
> Hrm, I kind of like this approach -- environment variable passing into
> command line.  Would it be feasible to reset $0 in *login to mask the passed
> in password in a process listing?

Following your idea and John Heasley's idea, I suggest this solution,
which leaves no trace in a file:

* create a wrapper that asks for password and keep it in memory 
as an env. variable then executes a shell


echo -n password:
stty -echo
read p
stty echo
RANCIDPASSWORD="$p" exec bash

* put this in .cloginrc

add password   * $env(RANCIDPASSWORD)


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