[rancid] Regarding of more lines of netscreen device issue in RANCID version 3.2 and later

Wallance Hou wallance.hou at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 08:01:17 UTC 2016

Dear Tech.

I am meeting some issue on netscreen since rancid 3.2 and later. As the
netscreen device using tacacs auth, for console page command, it required
admin privilege. however rancid user have read-only privilege so that the
user can't execute page command to disable cli paging. For config file from
rancid in 3.2 and later, it appears many "^H" when pressing space to show
more lines. However it was working well in version 2.3.6 that no ^H shown
in config file. So would you kindly advice how I can adjust rancid to clear
^H from config file?

Thanks very much  in advance.

Best Regards
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