[rancid] Need to pull certain info from configs

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Tue Dec 6 00:14:59 UTC 2016

>I want to run a command to search all of our devices, report back which
>firewalls and devices have ssh opened to the outside world. Example: ssh
If you have an NMS that can be a good hook if this is something you want to do on an automated, e.g. recurring basis. I use Zabbix, and I wrote some fairly simple minder parsing routines to find the config from the name (pretty easy given the directory structure in rancid) and then parse out what IPSec tunnels were defined.  Then with SNMP polling I get which SNMP tunnels are up, and can compare the two to see if any are failing, turned down, never started, etc.

But you could parse for most anything and tie to an NMS data collection.

But for one-time needs, grep is perfect -- it's quite nice having them all pulled as text files as they are in Rancid.


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