[rancid] rancid support for Brocade Fabric OS

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Wed Feb 17 13:04:10 UTC 2016

Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 10:43:05AM +0000, Howard Jones:
> Brocade bought Foundry, so they have FabricOS/FabOS for their own 
> traditional SAN Switches (silkworm etc), plus the Foundry OS (Ironware?) 
> which is a lot like ios. They also recently bought Vyatta, which has its 
> own config style.
> IMHO vendor names are not a good choice for device types - 'cisco' is 
> really 'ios', not css/arrowpoint, or nxos, or iosxr, or catos. Those are 
> all supported, but sometimes only if you know which vendor bought which 
> 10 years ago... same sort of thing for companies like Dell and HP where 
> it's not even different ranges with different OS - some HP is comware 
> and some is procurve-classic, all in the Procurve range, as far as I can 
> see. Juniper SSG is another - 'netscreen' isn't in the product name or 
> company name anymore.

i'm happy to rename the foundry scripts and convert them to the rancid
3.0-style; but someone will have to help test as I no longer have this

the brocadelogin script folks sent to me looks like a mix of flogin and
clogin.  If i've coalesced all the comments together, that script works
for fabricos & ironware (at least some versions thereof).  Do I have this

but the brocaderancid script is for fabricos, given the command set?

        {'chassisShow'  => 'ChassisShow'},
        {'firmwareShow' => 'FirmwareShow'},
        {'version'      => 'FirmwareShow'},
        {'zoneshow'    => 'FirmwareShow'},
        {'portcfgshow' => 'FirmwareShow'},
        #{'fosConfig --show'            => 'Fosconfig'},
        {'ipAddrShow'           => 'IpAddrShow'},
       {'licenseShow'   => 'LicenseShow'},
        {'domainsShow'          => 'DomainsShow'},
        {'configupload -force -all -l config.txt'       => 'ConfigShow'},
        {'configShow -l config.txt'             => 'ConfigShow'}

and, i received scripts from another user today that I have not looked
through yet.

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