[rancid] Nexus 1000v switch-router

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Thu Jun 30 19:46:39 UTC 2016

Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 07:08:47PM +0000, Charles T. Brooks:
> Thanks for the . /etc/rancid/rancid.conf trick!  I should have thought of that.  I'm new to RANCiD and to Cisco UCS and this particular switch, but I know Cisco's other routers and switches pretty well, and I can code.
> >would you show me the error that the cli produces for this command?
> nx1k-03# show environment temperature
>                  ^
> % Invalid command at '^' marker.
> nx1k-03#
> The Nexus 1000V switch is virtual, so it lives in a cloudy spoogeball of UCS virtuosity, and sort of floats around the redundant UCS chassis without having any specific environment or hardware.  I think Cisco ripped out all the "show environment" commands completely; they don't show up in the help if I do "show ?" despite using the admin account/network-admin role.

I think this will fix the problem with show environment temperature

Index: lib/nxos.pm.in
--- lib/nxos.pm.in	(revision 3413)
+++ lib/nxos.pm.in	(working copy)
@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@
 	return(1) if /Line has invalid autocommand /;
 	return(1) if /(Invalid input detected|Type help or )/;
 	return(1) if (/No token match at /);	# 1000v
-	return(-1) if (/\% Invalid command at /);
+	return(1) if (/\% Invalid command at /);# 1000v has no support
 	return(-1) if (/\% Permission denied/);
 	return(-1) if (/command authorization failed/i);

> BTW, you're absolutely right that the commands listed /etc/rancid/rancid.types.base include "show vlan" for both the cisco and cisco-nx device types.  However, in practice, I can look at the configs stored in git and when I use the cisco device type the output of show vlan is present (prefixed with !VLAN) and when I use the cisco-nx device type that output is entirely missing, and there is no !VLAN prefix to be found.  Hold on, I'll grep it to be sure I'm not blind - nope, there is no !VLAN prefix in the config retrieved by rancid 3.4.1 using device type cisco-nx.  And that's a good thing, a desirable behavior in my opinion.

Does the platform, 1000v or 5000 (etc), support show vtp status?  And, does it
produce a line like:
	VTP Operating Mode\s+:\s+(Transparent|Server)

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