[rancid] Cisco SG-500 configs?

Stefano Bartesaghi sbartesaghi at net-project.net
Mon May 2 14:38:54 UTC 2016

> On 05/06/14 15:27, Alexander Bochmann wrote:
>> Exactly. For example, csbrancid wants to use an "lcli" command upon
>> logging
>> in that the current SG switches don't know about anymore - they
>> expect an
>> "enable"...

I'm not an expect expert, but on line 361 of


I guess this is the start of a conditional, and it tries each
possibility in that code block against what it sees. So if there is no
menu bit, it never has to send the ^z then lcli and just goes straight
for the credentials.



I've a same problem with login on Cisco Small Business sg500, how do you fix the problem? Can you explain me?

Thanks a lot for your support

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Stefano Bartesaghi
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