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Hitesh Vinzoda Hitesh.Vinzoda at cerberusnetworks.co.uk
Thu May 12 06:28:51 UTC 2016

Hi Ajeesh,

That worked and we now have the backup of config.

Thanks for your help


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To avoid white space / ?=more=?  you can set the console output format to standard. This will give the output without making the output as pages.

FG # config system console

FG (console) # set output standard

FG (console) # end

FG # show system console
config system console
 set output standard

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Today's Topics:

   1. Fortigate 5.0.9 Problems (Hitesh Vinzoda)


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Subject: [rancid] Fortigate 5.0.9 Problems
        <8bd70d5307754cba9df3a2e02dbecf04 at GF-EX02.cerberusnetworks.co.uk<mailto:8bd70d5307754cba9df3a2e02dbecf04 at GF-EX02.cerberusnetworks.co.uk>>
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Hi all,

We are facing the same issues with 5.0.9 Fortigate where RANCID does reformatting of whitespaces and the full configuration is not backed up.

I think this is related to whitespaces in the fnlogin when ?=more=? is seen in the terminal.

Any pointers will be helpful.


#Version: FortiGate-200D v5.0,build0292,140801 (GA Patch 9)
#IPS-ETDB: 0.00000(2001-01-01 00:00)
#Serial-Number: FG200D4614808124
#Botnet DB: 2.00913(2016-05-10 10:00)
#BIOS version: 05000004
#System Part-Number: P11545-05
#Log hard disk: Available
#Internal Switch mode: interface
#Hostname: THN-FW05
#Operation Mode: NAT
#Current virtual domain: root
#Max number of virtual domains: 10
#Virtual domains status: 7 in NAT mode, 0 in TP mode
#Virtual domain configuration: enable
#FIPS-CC mode: disable
#Current HA mode: a-a, master
#Branch point: 292
#Release Version Information: GA Patch 9
#FortiOS x86-64: Yes

config vdom
edit root
edit ABC
edit XYZ
edit PQR
edit MNV
edit UVW
edit BMX
config global
config system global
--More--              set admin-concurrent enable


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