[rancid] Wui for rancid

Valentin Cao cao_v at etna-alternance.net
Wed Nov 23 15:33:27 UTC 2016


I am here to talk to you about my team projet, it is Wui for rancid.

Wui for Rancid is an application designed for companies with a more or less
important network equipment fleet. We transform the way people work network
administrator, the comfort of a GUI symple.
No more long days in front of a black screen.
Finish the full verification of configurations to change the wrong value.
No more time wasted navigating the day long terminal.
This is the future, Wui Rancid for a new way of working!
Wui for Rancid provides a graphical interface for configuring backup Cisco
equipment in any speed. What's more, it comes with useful information
through supervision.
What sets us apart from other solutions on the market is the price. We
offer our open source solution for free.

IF you want to see the source code and custom it:


Wui for rancid team.
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