[rancid] rancid - Cisco WLC devices

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Wed Nov 30 19:19:57 UTC 2016

Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 07:14:40PM +0000, Steven Houchen:
> Can I just install this over the current version that I have running. I set this up through the package in Ubuntu. It took me a really long time to get all this working as a am a newbie with this. I am currently on version 3.3.0.

yes, if you can find the configure arguments that ubuntu used to build
rancid.  they alter some of:

Installation directories:
  --prefix=PREFIX         install architecture-independent files in PREFIX
  --exec-prefix=EPREFIX   install architecture-dependent files in EPREFIX

Fine tuning of the installation directories:
  --bindir=DIR            user executables [EPREFIX/bin]
  --sbindir=DIR           system admin executables [EPREFIX/sbin]
  --libexecdir=DIR        program executables [EPREFIX/libexec]
  --sysconfdir=DIR        read-only single-machine data [PREFIX/etc]
  --sharedstatedir=DIR    modifiable architecture-independent data [PREFIX/com]
  --localstatedir=DIR     modifiable single-machine data [PREFIX/var]
  --libdir=DIR            object code libraries [EPREFIX/lib]
  --includedir=DIR        C header files [PREFIX/include]
  --datarootdir=DIR       read-only arch.-independent data root [PREFIX/share]
  --datadir=DIR           read-only architecture-independent data [DATAROOTDIR]
  --localedir=DIR         locale-dependent data [DATAROOTDIR/locale]
  --mandir=DIR            man documentation [DATAROOTDIR/man]

someone more familiar with linux might be able to help you find the right

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