[rancid] Problem of backup trought rancid server

Khalid El Fatimi [Ext. 299] KhalidElFatimi at rideau.com
Sat Oct 1 19:34:14 UTC 2016

Hi, how are you

it's been four months that rancid no longer in our backup device I have this message (The Following routers have-nots-been contacted successfully for more than 24 hours.)
rw-r ----- 1 rancid rancid 28727 Jul 26 10:36 vdx-tor-s01
rw-r ----- 1 rancid rancid Jul 26 5079 10:36 cer-tor
rw-r ----- 1 rancid rancid Jul 26 9738 10:36 icx-tor-01
rw-r ----- 1 rancid rancid Jul 26 9738 10:36 icx-tor-02

I tried everything but without success I reset the password rancid on all devices but nothing, I able to connect to all devices across the server rancid there is no problem, but the backups doesn't make! you have an idea?

thank you for your help

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