[rancid] Rancid not backing up some HP switches but can login to them

Remsik,Robert Robert.Remsik at colostate.edu
Tue Oct 18 16:35:09 UTC 2016

Okay, with the proper -d and -t flags it writes the files and from there can process some of the commands.  But it seems like the .raw file isn't beeing written consistently.  Different iterations return different results for 'write term'

Once hlogin is fed a timeout it will login just fine.  hrancid (which calls hlogin) seems to be missing a 'hit' on 'write term'.

Looking at the .raw file it seems like the section of code can't find the correct line to start, and/or the .raw file isn't grabbing the data fast enough or the switch is spitting data out faster than expect can handle it.  From 3 different .raw captures I'm getting 3 different results.   Is there a way to synchronize so expect can grab what it needs to?

.:: Running the command ::.

rancid at truck:~/bin$ hrancid -d x.y.121.146
executing hlogin -t 90 -c"show version;show flash;show system-information;show system information;show module;show stack;show tech transceivers;show config files;show config status;write term" x.y.121.146
HIT COMMAND:HOSTNAME-121146# show version
    In ShowVersion: HOSTNAME-121146# show version
HIT COMMAND:HOSTNAME-121146# show flash
    In ShowFlash: HOSTNAME-121146# show flash
HIT COMMAND:HOSTNAME-121146# show system-information
    In ShowSystem: HOSTNAME-121146# show system-information
HIT COMMAND:HOSTNAME-121146# show system information
    In ShowSystem: HOSTNAME-121146# show system information
HIT COMMAND:HOSTNAME-121146# show module
    In ShowModule: HOSTNAME-121146# show module
HIT COMMAND:HOSTNAME-121146# show stack
    In ShowStack: HOSTNAME-121146# show stack
HIT COMMAND:HOSTNAME-121146# show tech transceivers
    In ShowTransceivers: HOSTNAME-121146# show tech transceivers
HIT COMMAND:HOSTNAME-121146# show config files
    In ShowConfigFiles: HOSTNAME-121146# show config files
HIT COMMAND:HOSTNAME-121146# show config status
    In ShowConfigStatus: HOSTNAME-121146# show config status
rancid at truck:~/bin$

Adm2201f-121146# show config status

Running configuration is same as the startup configuration.

.:: (1) ::.
HOSTNAME-121146# show config status

Running configuration is same as the startup configuration.

HOSTNAME-121146#timesync sntp
sntp unicast
logging x.y.201.199
logging x.y.111.172
snmp-server community "XXX" Operator
snmp-server community "YYY" Unrestricted
snmp-server host x.y.201.190 "XXX" Not-INFO

.:: (2) ::.
HOSTNAME-121146# show config status

Running configuration is same as the startup configuration.

HOSTNAME-121146#sntp unicast
logging x.y.201.199
logging x.y.111.172

.:: (3) ::.
HOSTNAME-121146#module 6 type J8765B
module 7 type J8765B
interface A24
   name "To_XYZ-121142_port_A12"
interface B1
interface B3
ip default-gateway x.y.0.1
sntp server x.y.100.10
timesync sntp
sntp unicast
logging x.y.201.199
logging x.y.111.172

.:: Write Term in hrancid ::.

# This routine processes a "write term"
sub WriteTerm {
    print STDERR "    In WriteTerm: $_" if ($debug);

    while (<INPUT>) {
        if (/$prompt\s*(exit|logout)\s*$/i) {
        last if(/^$prompt/);
        return(-1) if (/command authorization failed/i);
        # the pager can not be disabled per-session
        s/^<-+ More -+>\s*//;

        # skip the crap
        /^running configuration:/i && next;

        # filter out any RCS/CVS tags to avoid confusing local CVS storage
        s/\$(Revision|Id):/ $1:/;
        /^; (\S+) configuration editor;/i &&
            ProcessHistory("COMMENTS","keysort","A0",";Chassis type: $1\n") &&
            ProcessHistory("","","",";\n;Running config file:\n$_") &&

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Robert Remsik


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Ok, that makes sense, and I looked through the expect on the second test and it looks reasonable.

What happens if you do:

<from rancid home dir>
bin/rancid -t hp -d -f /opt/rancid-3.4.99/.cloginrc x.y.121.146

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