[rancid] router.db and up/down notifications

Sean spedersen.lists at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 23:54:30 UTC 2016

I'm curious about the default behavior/relationship between router.db and routers.down.


I have rancid integrated with Observium, which auto-generates router.db once an hour based on the status of each device. If a router is down in Observium, it will modify router.db and mark it 'down'. rancid-run is configured to run five minutes later.


In this case, would rancid send an “unreachable” e-mail the next time it’s run? When they switched from "up" to "down" in router.db, I didn't receive an "unreachable" e-mail. When they were fixed and returned to "up," I received a "routers changed to up" email. This is the first time such a transition has taken place, i.e. first time any devices have been unreachable for any period of time since rancid was first run.


What sort of behavior should I expect in this case? Might have just been timing, but I’d like to be sure. Searches have come up with little to go on other than formatting and the like.


I have another rancid installation that sends both up and down notifications, but it's a stand-alone install without any automated router.db generation. I don't see any major differences in configuration, cron jobs, etc. other than who/what generates router.db.


P.S. Right list this time.

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