[rancid] rancid and git?

Thomison, Lee ThomisonL at muni.org
Tue Sep 20 21:14:02 UTC 2016

Good morning,

I understand that there is a fork of rancid for git at dotwaffle, however, I'm a bit confused.  The README in the official shrubbery.net package says it supports git, but ./configure says no.

I have downloaded the 'official' rancid source from:


Does it now support git also?

In the README in that package is the following:

...maintain CVS (or Subversion or git) controlled copies of router configs.

git                         Code revision system, an alternative to cvs.  Use the configure
                              option --with-git to configure for git.


./configure -help

shows no entry for -with-git.

Doing a

./configure -with-git

throws a WARNING: unrecognized options -with-git

does stock git support git or no?

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