[rancid] Nexus 9K support in RANCiD 3.7

David Chapman david.chapman at pegasus.io
Fri Dec 29 19:06:34 UTC 2017

I like this fix.  I had a similar problem on NXOS based FC switches but opted to have it just not list out the logflash.

On 12/29/17, 12:11 PM, "Rancid-discuss on behalf of Charles T. Brooks" <rancid-discuss-bounces at shrubbery.net on behalf of Charles.Brooks at hbcs.org> wrote:

    We recently outfitted a new office with Cisco Nexus 9000s.  I monitor router and switch configuration changes enterprise-wide with custom built RPM packages of RANCiD on RHEL7 with git and gitweb.

    The 9Ks have a constantly changing file date on a subfolder that can't be controlled:

    - !Flash: logflash:       69632    Dec 29 01:37:09 2017  debug_logs/
    + !Flash: logflash:       69632    Dec 29 02:42:52 2017  debug_logs/

    The following code patch to v7 prevents this from generating hourly commits and emails.

    --- nxos.pm.in.orig     2017-12-29 13:02:01.347259970 -0500
    +++ nxos.pm.in  2017-12-29 13:03:39.336922201 -0500
    @@ -497,7 +497,7 @@ sub DirSlotN {
            /\s+vtp_debug(_old)?\.log$/ && next;

            next if (/BufferMonitor-1HourData/);
    -       if (/ log\/$/) {
    +       if (/[_ ]logs?\/$/) {
                # change
                #         8192    Jan 08 14:05:05 2015  log/
                # to

    There's also a problem with a constantly fluctuating memory size value, but I haven't figured out how to fix that.

    Thank you Heasley and co-conspirators for a great tool!

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