[rancid] Fortigate issue with alpha release

Merijn Evertse merijn at trans-ix.nl
Wed Jun 21 19:02:44 UTC 2017


How do i use -x?
The devices fail during the run with 'End of run not found'

Merijn Evertse

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Van: heasley [mailto:heas at shrubbery.net] 
Verzonden: woensdag 21 juni 2017 18:40
Aan: Merijn Evertse <merijn at trans-ix.nl>
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Onderwerp: Re: [rancid] Fortigate issue with alpha release

Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 04:32:09PM +0000, Merijn Evertse:
> Hi,
> Yes, working:
>         -re "^(.+$prompt)"      {
>                                   regsub -all "^\[#\\$\]+\[#\\$\] " $expect_out(0,string) {} junk;
>                                   regsub -all "\[\]\[\(\)\]" $junk {\\&} junk;
>                                   set prompt "^$junk";
>                                 }
> Thanks, I will run it on a batch of Fortigate units.

excellent.  Please verify that -x works too and that $prompt is receiving a proper value, which should be something like "^hostname # "

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