[rancid] CIDR Ranges in .clogit file

Remsik,Robert Robert.Remsik at colostate.edu
Mon Jun 26 16:38:46 UTC 2017


I'm trying to setup entries in the .clogit file per credentials aligned with CIDR ranges.  Can rancid handle CIDR ranges?  It looks like RANCID just does globbing, but I'm having trouble setting the up the globs properly.  I'm using the globtester ( http://www.globtester.com/#p=eJwz1DPSM9aLNtA1NIutMYRxLGPBBABh%2BwbV&r=eJzNldEKgjAUhl9leFVQ6o5aU%2BfeRc1CEBUnUT19hhkES6nYYTe7OMP%2F%2BzzCLz%2BUZ5JXqZSJZQlqg%2B3ZlDvDVPC3Ky7btCayv1ZFYuVN1XQR6U7ZisGGUMaGI2TrmBybut%2FK8lZEw8CG9hJPqcCdR4TgWSe0ALwJ8HvQ6Dam6FD0zVcMzFfcma%2B4N1%2BRma8Yald8Fp67qP9ZktJvim0mB1Rv%2B%2B%2FaZ3jKvtTIU5afRp6yyTTylLWkjwfIvBCZR11sIPYXpNgrBeyVgo8NDNBaZun519%2FgDnPzhow%3D& ) to help debug the syntax.  For example the x.y.z.2-16 use {abc creds} and x.y.z.17-254 use {def creds}.

Or is there a better way to accomplish what I'm looking to do?

Thank you in advance,

Robert Remsik


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