[rancid] mtrancid - output exclusion?

Tim Warnock timoid at timoid.org
Sat May 27 22:45:15 UTC 2017

As a FYI :- if this is really happening you might want to fix the underlying issue. And yes - there is an issue.

Your deadline for re-licence expired in April which is why its retrying all the time...

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is it possible to exclude some output in mtrancid? We're using rancid to monitor some of those newer Mikrotik CHR appliances and they seem to have some kind of expiring subscription-based license which automatically renews every hour.

The problem is, that the next renewal attempt is being shown in the output and therefore gets recognized as a change every hour.

This is what those mails look like:



  # system-id: i3U6SB8z2vE

  # level: p-unlimited

  # limited-upgrades: yes

- # next-renewal-at: may/26/2017 13:56:33

+ # next-renewal-at: may/26/2017 14:56:43

  # deadline-at: apr/09/2017 20:59:59






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