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Our organization uses RANCID for gathering data from our Cisco routers, but we recently faced an issue with a change we're trying to make.

We simply want to change what the address that the scripts use to log into the routers. Let's say in the routers.db file we have:

We'd like to change it to:

We didn't want to change the actual router names in the routers.db file, since this would most likely have other side effects like modifying the CVS. We tried changing clogin:750(ish) from
if {[login $router $ruser $userpswd $passwd $enapasswd $cmethod $cyphertype]} {

if {[login $router.XYZ $ruser $userpswd $passwd $enapasswd $cmethod $cyphertype]} {

However, by watching the tcpdump output, we see that it's still reaching out to the original address.

Do you have any ideas that could help us?

Axel Munoz-Persinger
Security Analyst
Axel.Munoz-Persinger at L3T.com<mailto:Axel.Munoz-Persinger at L3T.com>
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