[rancid] is there scripts for 3com router

Piegorsch, Weylin William weylin at bu.edu
Thu Oct 26 20:13:10 UTC 2017

There are no 3com scripts.  My predecessor had configured an SNMP thing, but that stopped working when we upgraded to rancid v3.  If you find one, let me know because I would love to use it.

From: Adrian Dimitrov <adrian.dimitrov at efellows.bg>
Date: Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 06:57
To: "rancid-discuss at shrubbery.net" <rancid-discuss at shrubbery.net>
Subject: [rancid] is there scripts for 3com router

Hello team ,

Hope all of you guys are doing well. I have my rancid set up working perfectly fine for a long time now. I am backing up a lot of different devices successfully, but now I have to back up “3COM” router and I can’t find scripts for this type of device.
Is there someone who can help with this?

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