[rancid] ASA Config for Rancid

Piegorsch, Weylin William weylin at bu.edu
Mon Sep 11 20:51:34 UTC 2017

Cisco question, that I’m having a devil of a time getting a Cisco answer to.

I have several ASAs – some locally connected, some connected at the far end of an IPSec tunnel.  In nearly all cases, I can’t get rancid to archive their config.  For reasons that don’t relate to the ASA (has to do with the larger network as a whole), I need telnet to be the first method, with SSH backup.  But, the ASAs drop the telnet request, they don’t send a TCP RST packet.  As a consequence, rancid times out and considers it an unreachable device. 

I’m trying to find a mechanism that doesn’t require specifying custom rancid configs for ASAs that are different than anything else.

Has anyone run into this problem?


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