[rancid] Questions about sub ProcessHistory

Lee ler762 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 23:44:49 UTC 2018

On 4/5/18, Gauthier, Chris <cgauthier at comscore.com> wrote:
> So, more specifically, how is that string used as an argument?  What's the
> significance of the "D99" or the "F1" or whatever the other value is?
> That's the part I'm not sure about.  I want to leverage the ProcessHistory
> function with the keysort, but don't know what the argument value should be
> or how I determine what it should be.

I remember seeing a better explanation but this was the best I could find:

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ProcessHistory(tag, command, command_arg, data)

data is added the buffer, by command with command_arg (if specified),
unless tag or command has changed since the last call, in which case
the buffer would be flushed before calling command.

a good example, where $aclsort = "ipsort" (the function)

        # order access-lists
        /^access-list\s+(\d\d?)\s+(\S+)\s+(\S+)/ &&
            ProcessHistory("ACL $1 $2","$aclsort","$3","$_") && next;

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