[rancid] end of run not found

Wayne Eisenberg Wayne.Eisenberg at CarolinasIT.com
Thu Dec 13 07:55:29 UTC 2018

Regarding some PowerConnect N2000/3000/4000 series switches, I am getting "End of run not found" errors. If I use the smc type that is recommended in the rancid.types.base file, I have the added pleasure of getting "missed cmd(s): show version, dir, show vlan". Trying cisco as a type doesn't change the 'end of run' error, although I don't miss any commands. Trying my powerconnect type that I made earlier also results in 'end of run not found'.

Running 'clogin -c"dir,show version,show running-config" switchname' works perfectly and returns to the command prompt.

How do I troubleshoot 'end of run not found'?

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