[rancid] Ubuntu with Rancid 3.7 - Comware (CMW)

Aaron Sutton aaronsutton89 at outlook.com
Thu Dec 20 00:10:19 UTC 2018


Thank you Haes, I found the path for PERL5LIB and copied cmw.pm into this folder.

I also had to modify cmwlogin SHEBANG line from
'#! /usr/local/bin/expect --' to '#! /usr/bin/expect --'

I can now successfully run ./cmwlogin -y aes128-cbc routername. This logs into the device

I can also successfuly run ./cmwlogin -y aes128-cbc -c 'display current-config' routername. This logs into the device, outputs running-config and then exits SSH session.

Hit my next problem now, i'm getting 'end of run not found' in my logs.

routername1: End of run not found
routername2: End of run not found
routername3: End of run not found

If i try the following command;

./rancid -d -t cmw routername1
loadtype: device type cmw
loadtype: found device type cmw in /etc/rancid/rancid.types.conf
executing cmwlogin -t 90 -c"display version;display boot-loader;display startup;dir /all;dir /all unit2>flash:/;dir /all slot2#flash:/;dir /all unit3>flash:/;dir /all slot3#flash:/;dir /all unit4>flash:/;dir /all slot4#flash:/;dir /all unit5>flash:/;dir /all slot5#flash:/;dir /all unit6>flash:/;dir /all slot6#flash:/;dir /all unit7>flash:/;dir /all slot7#flash:/;dir /all unit8>flash:/;dir /all slot8#flash:/;display device;display device manuinfo;display fan;display power;display poe powersupply;display poe temperature-protection;display transceiver interface;display cluster;display domain;display local-user;display password-control;display password-control super;display ssh server status;display irf;display xrn-fabric;display ftm topology-database;display fib;display ip routing-table;display ospf;display ospf brief;display vlan all;display lacp sys;display link-aggregation summary;display link-aggregation verbose;display loopback-detection;display mirror all;display ntp-service status;display stp root;display current-configuration" routername1
sh: 1: cmwlogin: not found
aubneleaf3a0511: missed cmd(s): all commands
aubneleaf3a0511: End of run not found
aubneleaf3a0511: clean_run is false
aubneleaf3a0511: found_end is false

Now, SH: 1: cmwlogin: not found error was why i updated the SHEBANG originally,  but for some reason i'm not hitting this on ./rancid. If i run rancid-run however, this issue isn't present in the logs.

I feel very close to getting this working now...

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