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​Thank you Julie.

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Thank you very much for publishing this.  I have only started using it just now, so I can only confirm that it at least pulls configs successfully. I have it working against these software version and these hardware versions, with about 150 total devices included:

# software

# hardware

I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to apply your patches to my existing install of RANCID. I installed from source tarball from the Shrubbery site. So I couldn't just do a git merge or something.

These are the instructions I used:

1) clone this repo, save to your home dir (outside of normal rancid path)

git clone https://github.com/inphobia/rancid-aerohive-support.git

2) Configure into your home dir (outside of normal rancid path)

./configure --prefix=/home/nineoften/rancid

3) Install

make install

4) Copy the login and pm files (/usr/local/rancid is my production rancid main path)

cp /home/nineoften/rancid/bin/ahlogin /usr/local/rancid/bin/.
cp /home/nineoften/rancid/lib/rancid/hiveos.pm /usr/local/rancid/lib/rancid/.

5) Add lines to rancid.types.conf

hiveos;script;rancid -t hiveos
hiveos;command;hiveos::ShowVersion;show version
hiveos;command;hiveos::ShowVersion;show hw-info
hiveos;command;hiveos::ShowBoot;show boot-param
hiveos;command;hiveos::ShowLicense;show license
hiveos;command;hiveos::ShowCapWap;show capwap client
hiveos;command;hiveos::ShowIDManager;show idm
hiveos;command;hiveos::WriteTerm;show running-config password
hiveos;command;hiveos::WriteTerm;show running-config users password

6) Do other normal stuff, like add entries to router.db file using "hiveos" as the vendor type for your AeroHive access points.

Would it be possible to get this merged into the mainline release of RANCID in the future? Last time I installed RANCID from scratch several years ago, I had to do similar steps - and figure out how to include others' patches for AeroHive into my install.

Thanks again!


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Subject: [rancid] aerohive/hiveos support

(also included: removal of fortinet/fnrancid references since it's now a module & a few minor nitpicks)

support for aerohive/hiveos access points:

login script ahlogin:

* originally by erik muller: https://github.com/ermuller/rancid-stuff.

 * should be up to date with the latest changes of svn 3937.

 * saving on changed config works, -x & -c have also been tested.

* .cvsignore entry added

module hiveos.pm:

* respects nocommstr; filter_pwds & filter_osc

* tested against multiple hardware options & operating system versions

* does not sort acls/snmp yet

* does not yet handle all passwords/secrets - it does filter the items we use with respect to filter_* settings

* also fetches additional info depending on filter_* settings

* no clear end of run marker

* rancid.types.base entries


* docs, makefiles & config scripts have been updated completely i hope.

* hiveos.pm.in has a lot of comments, they can be deleted if they add little/no value.

has been in use for almost 6 months. perhaps naming the login script ahlogin (aerohive login) and the module hiveos.pm seems strange, just rename if you don't like it.

git code here but git & me just dont get along:


// nick


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