[rancid] Role Privileges for Nexus 9k

Pico Leto picoleto420 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 19:05:19 UTC 2018


I seem to be having some troubles backing up my configs for a ASR9k
(C93108TC-EX) running NXOS 7.0.3.I4.4.  My current version of rancid is 3.7

I thought I created the correct role for rancid to run under however my
debug seems to end after 'system redundancy status'.  The command is
actually available however you have to be in config term mode to see the

Role: rancid
  Description: rancid restricted access
  Vlan policy: permit (default)
  Interface policy: permit (default)
  Vrf policy: permit (default)
  Rule    Perm    Type        Scope               Entity
  4       permit  command                         dir *
  3       permit  command                         show *
  2       permit  command                         terminal *
  1       permit  command                         show running-config


rancid -t cisco-nx -d host.xx.xx
loadtype: device type cisco-nx
loadtype: found device type cisco-nx in
executing clogin -t 90 -c"term no monitor-force;show version;show version
build-info all;show license;show license usage;show license
host.xx.xx-id;show system redundancy status;show environment clock;show
environment fan;show environment fex all fan;show environment
temperature;show environment power;show boot;dir bootflash:;dir debug:;dir
logflash:;dir slot0:;dir usb1:;dir usb2:;dir volatile:;show module;show
module xbar;show inventory;show vtp status;show vlan;show debug;show cores
vdc-all;show processes log vdc-all;show module fex;show fex;show
running-config" host.xx.xx
PROMPT MATCH: host.xx#
HIT COMMAND:host.xx#  term no monitor-force
    In RunCommand: host.xx#  term no monitor-force
HIT COMMAND:host.xx# show version
    In ShowVersion: host.xx# show version
HIT COMMAND:host.xx# show version build-info all
    In ShowVersionBuild: host.xx# show version build-info all
HIT COMMAND:host.xx# show license
    In ShowLicense: host.xx# show license
HIT COMMAND:host.xx# show license usage
    In ShowLicense: host.xx# show license usage
HIT COMMAND:host.xx# show license host.xx.xx-id
    In ShowLicense: host.xx# show license host.xx.xx-id
HIT COMMAND:host.xx# show system redundancy status
    In ShowRedundancy: host.xx# show system redundancy status
host.xx.xx: show system redundancy status failed: -1
host.xx.xx: missed cmd(s): show environment clock, show environment fan,
show environment fex all fan, show environment temperature, show
environment power, show boot, dir bootflash:, dir debug:, dir logflash:,
dir slot0:, dir usb1:, dir usb2:, dir volatile:, show module, show module
xbar, show inventory, show vtp status, show vlan, show debug, show cores
vdc-all, show processes log vdc-all, show module fex, show fex
host.xx.xx: End of run not found
host.xx.xx: clean_run is false
host.xx.xx: found_end is false
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